Fee Schedule for Astrological Consultations

Initial Consultation

Includes recorded session*** and copy of natal chart.


Updates to the natal chart

Includes recorded session***


Chart Comparisons (relationships)

Includes recorded session*** and copies of charts


Career Analysis

Includes recorded session*** and copy of natal chart.


Relocation Analysis

Includes recorded session*** analyzing three separate locations with natal charts calculated for those coordinates. Computer analysis of relocated areas included also.


***A Recording cannot be guaranteed. Technical difficulties do happen……even if rarely. I offer a Recording as a courtesy.

If the consultation is by phone on Free Conference Calling, an MP3 will be made and sent by email as an attachment to the client.

If the consultation is recorded on a CD, the CD recording will be sent by the US Postal Service to the client. An extra fee of $5.00 is requested to pay for handling and postal charges.