Astrology for Conscious Living

Astrology is a symbolic language. It is a language that began when human beings first noticed patterns, constellations, in the sky, perceived a time pattern to the changing seasons, noted the order and rhythm to the phases of the moon, and associated special happenings with eclipses. Meaning to these phenomenon were given and observed over time. This was space and time science in its infancy. When human beings first reasoned that there was pattern and meaning within their environment, they began to make sense of life. Human Beings began the road to more conscious living.

Giving meaning to what is observed and validated is what Astrology is all about. Astrology is making sense of life…. giving a name to the patterns of life. In a beautiful, synchronistic manner Astrology connects Human Beings and all life with the vast Universe. Rather than separate spaces, Earth below, Heaven above, Astrology is based on the dictum: “As Above, So Below.” There is a basic unifying principal contained in this language.

How can we use Astrology to understand life better, to become a more conscious Human Being and take responsibility for the unfolding patterns of our life? One way is to become a student of Astrology. Another way, perhaps in addition to becoming a student, is to have our individual Astrological Chart created and interpreted by a Professional Astrologer. What does the Professional Astrologer do to make your energy patterns come into existence?

First, a chart – called a Natal Chart – is created. The Natal Chart is calculated by a trained astrologer or by the computer to produce the exact positions of the Sun, Moon, and Planets based on the date of birth, the time of birth, and the place of birth. Then, in order to place the Sun, Moon, and Planets in the Natal Chart, which is a circle, the circle must be divided into twelve sections called Houses. The division begins at the left of the circle. This is the starting point of your life based on your time of birth and is called the Ascendant or Rising Sign.

Imagine a Circle of the Zodiac around the Earth. The Ascendant is the Zodiac Sign rising above the horizon of your place of birth at the exact moment of your birth. The Ascendant is House One and the other eleven Houses count off counter clockwise. The division between each House is called a cusp. Each cusp has a Sign of the Zodiac on it also.

The Houses represent common areas of activity and experiences which we all share. The location of the Sun, Moon or a Planet at the time of birth in a particular House highlights important experiences in our lives.


  1. Appearance, Face to the world, Body, Persona
  2. Values, Self-worth, money, earning power, possessions
  3. Siblings, Neighborhood, short trips, mental processes, voice
  4. Personal & emotional foundations, Home, Security Base, a Parent
  5. Creative outlet, children, recreation, romance, play
  6. Health, routine responsibilities, Job, schedule
  7. Primary relationship, Partnerships, cooperation, feedback from others
  8. Shared resources & possessions, Sex, Death, Taxes, Passions, Mystery
  9. Long-distant travel, Philosophy, Ethics, Higher Education, Religion
  10. Societal Position, Authority, Career, Reputation, a parent
  11. Friendships, Hopes & wishes, group involvement, future plans
  12. Faith, spiritual life, hidden motives, hidden difficulties & gifts, retreat,

Starting with the Ascendant, the Houses form one set of references to describe elements of your life —experiences. The Signs of the Zodiac form a second set of references. Signs are like adjectives or descriptive language suggesting how you would approach the activity or experience of a particular House. Your attitudes, some of which may be inherited or learned from your family, are detailed by the meaning of the Signs.

Sun, Moon & Planets as Energies

The Sun, Moon and Planets are located within the templates of the Houses and the Signs of the Zodiac. Each Light and Planet represents an energy or a personality function which we all share in common. The Sun, Moon and Planets are placed in a Sign of the Zodiac which describes how that energy manifests uniquely for the individual. The House where the Sun, Moon, or Planet is posited explains which experiences will help form that particular energy.

A Planet, the Sun or the Moon indicates what you are doing, its Sign describes how you are doing it, and its House shows where you are doing it or how it is being formed by experience. When you begin to put it all together, you can reflect – bring to consciousness – important factors of your life and get a sense of your functioning on Planet Earth.

Astrology is a tool to help us become better functioning and more responsible Human Beings. May it be so.

© JLJanes