Jacqueline’s Journey & Vision

Always interested in the mysteries of human life in its many spiritual and earthly dimensions, I have studied music, world religions, psychology, and economics in addition to astrology, earning degrees in Economics and Counseling Psychology. My work in counseling and the Connecticut Judicial system provided a deep appreciation of family dynamics, as did the raising of and learning from my three children with my life partner.

My spiritual path includes decades of attendance at Quaker Meeting, combining spiritual contemplation and meditation with political and social action. I also engage in broad and deep exploration that seeks to integrate spirit and soul, and aspects of traditional religion and feminine spirituality into everyday living.

In the 70’s I began a serious study of Astrology. As I studied the works of many astrologers, I was drawn to the possibility of using astrology as a tool in the field of psychology. As a licensed mental health counselor in the State of Connecticut, I established a psychotherapy practice offering both therapy and astrological counseling. For forty years I have given consultations combining these two disciplines.

I completed four levels of astrological testing for the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and in 1995 became a Certified Counseling Astrologer and in 2000, was recognized by the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) as a Certified Astrological professional. I hold membership in the Association of Astrological Networking (AFAN and the Organization of Professional Astrologers (OPA). I served as Membership Secretary for OPA from 2004 to 2007 and was an OPA Group Leader at Retreats for professional astrologers for several years.

I have delighted in lecturing and teaching astrology, leading workshops in spiritual development and have published articles with the Astrological Society of Connecticut and the Organization of Professional Astrologers.

Now a resident of Pennsylvania, I maintain an active astrological consulting practice.

My Vision for the Work

As an Astrological Consultant I am a translator. I understand the language and symbols of astrology which I convey to others in common sense language, sometimes using stories and metaphoric images. My hope is to assist others on their life journey by giving information that will contribute to their decision making in their travels on the path.

To translate and communicate astrological language is one way to bring peace to the planet. When we understand ourselves and are helped to understand others, there is an opportunity for coming together in mutual respect, understanding that we have similar needs and hopes of our lives. Avarice, competition, and grasping can become secondary to the awareness of a shared human journey on this planet. Participating in the creation of a purposeful and peaceful human community that is connected to all life species and the mineral world is my vision, my intention in my work.