How to choose an Astrological Consultant

When choosing an Astrological Consultant the Internet has provided us with a wealth of resources and possibilities. We are no longer limited to our neighborhood, community or even the State we live in, but can select from the world community. It can be confusing. I’ve offered a few thoughts for you to consider in making your choice —- even before I give you the line-up of my own services.

The decision requires discernment and careful consideration.

  • The best recommendation for an Astrological Consultant comes from someone who has used the individual’s professional services. A “Trusted Other” – a friend or acquaintance – can usually steer you well because he/she can speak from experience and can answer any of your concerns knowing you.
  • Consider why you want Astrologer’s services.

If you are just curious about astrology, perhaps a Computer
Service or an Astrologer with less experience, but a good knowledge base whose fee appears reasonable, will suit your needs.

Do you want specific answers –yes or no – or direct information to make your decision? For a specific answer like, “Should I take this job?” you may want to consult a Horary Astrologer. A Horary Astrologer will give you a yes or no answer to a specific question.

If you know your goal or aim, but want support to get there, you might consider a Coach. Coaches do not have to be trained therapists, but they are trained to give you support in meeting your goals. They generally work over the telephone.

For in-depth guidance around specific issues, like understanding a personal life issue or your spiritual path, exploring career options, or bringing light to relationship issues, an Astrological Consultant can give you information gleaned from your birth chart as well as listen deeply and reflect with new insight regarding your concerns.

    If you are spiritual seeker or a growing, conscious individual dealing with on going patterns of behavior and personal issues, you may find valuable information in the Astrological Chart and be able to explore in depth your life path with a skilled Astrological Consultant.

    Finally, after all the recommendations and specific information, including credentials and experience,  one needs to rely on and trust one’s own inner sense and knowing.

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