Astrological Consultations

~ By SKYPE and by phone ~

Individual Natal Chart

The unique energy patterns in effect at the moment of your birth are explored in depth. and within the context of the events and issues operating in your life at the present time. Thus, the underlying motivations behind your actions can be explored, opening new avenues for personal and spiritual growth, decision making, freedom and awareness.

Natal Chart Updates

Pinpoint areas of focus for a specific time period, helping you anticipate and work with the energies ahead. Your specific questions and concerns are addressed. Progressed charts both secondary & solar,  solar return charts, age point, transits and eclipse points are all considered.

Relationships Chart

Comparisons explore the dynamics between two people, friends or partners, or a child and parent(s) promoting an understanding of each others needs. For couples, compatibility is examined. Parent-child consultations focus on the child’s natural tendencies and the parenting needed to promote optimum growth. Individual natal charts and composite charts are analyzed.

Career Analysis

Your work makes up an important component of your life journey. Exploring areas of interest and preferences as shown in the astrological chart give focus to career and work decisions. This consultation includes a taped session and natal chart.

Relocation Charts

Your environment can make a difference – in your relationships, what you accomplish, and how you feel. Whether for a career change, for pleasure, or a permanent change of residence, the relocation chart can help you anticipate those influences.

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Further Work

Within the astrological consultation process the natal chart can serve as a possible guide, along with other tools, on your life path and make  you aware of the opportunities and the challenges along the way. The underlying motivation behind your actions is revealed and explored, opening new avenues for personal and spiritual growth, freedom and awareness.

Brief Therapy

Six to twelve sessions focus on a particular issue, such as career, relationship, parent child, or other immediate personal concern. The first session is an astrological consultation. Then, using the natal chart a guide, the client and therapist develop and carry out a specific plan of action for meeting goals.

Extended Therapy

Extended therapy consists of up to a year or more of weekly or bi-weekly sessions beginning with an astrological consultation. Personal and spiritual growth issues are primary concerns. The client is helped to dissolve issues and blockages that prevent the expression of the core Self. Everyday life situations are viewed as a reflection – a continuing revelation – of the internal state of being. The client is supported in objective personal reflection and given specific guidance in the process of centering within.

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