Always interested in the mysteries of human life in its many spiritual and earthly dimensions, Jacqueline has studied Music, Religion, and Economics in addition to Astrology. In 1966 she earned a BA in Economics from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. She worked in the social service arena for many years before raising a family of three children with her husband and life partner, Norman. For thirty-five years she attended Quaker Meeting, combining spiritual contemplation and meditation with political and social action. Recently she has journeyed from Quakerism onto a spiritual path seeking to integrate spirit and soul, aspects of traditional religion and feminine spirituality, into everyday living.

In the 70’s she began a serious study of Astrology. As she studied the works of many astrologers, attending workshops and taking classes, she was drawn especially to the possibility of using astrology as a tool in the field of psychology. Jacqueline was particularly drawn to the works of Jungian analysts, Liz Greene and Karen Hamaker-Zondag, who were also astrologers.

In 1981 she received a Masters in Counseling from St. Joseph’s College in West Hartford, CT. and established a psychotherapy practice offering both therapy and astrological counseling. From 1987 to 1993, she left her full-time practice to work as a Family Relations Counselor for the Judicial Department, Family Relations Division, State of CT. This experience allowed her first hand knowledge of the legal issues involved with custody and visitation matters, and family violence. In 1993 she re-established her psychotherapy practice and astrological consulting business. Simply said, she loves her work!

Jacqueline is a Connecticut Licensed Professional Counselor and a certified counseling astrologer, passing the Level IV exam of the N.C.G.R., a national organization promoting the education of astrologers. In 2000, she was recognized by I.S.A.R., an international research and development organization for astrology, as a Certified Astrological Professional.

In addition to her therapy practice, she has lectured and taught astrology, and led workshops in spiritual development. Her articles have appeared in the Ascendent and the Lunar Quarterly, publications of the Astrological Society of Connecticut. Additionally she has written articles for OPA’s “Career Astrologer” and she has written a pamphlet for OPA, “Reframing, a Counseling Tool for the Consulting Astrologer”. She served as OPA’s membership Secretary from 2004 to 2007 and continues to be a Group Leader at OPA Retreats for professional astrologers.