Katie Couric, What Were You Thinking?

Recently I read an article by Alexandra Wolfe in The Daily Beast about a dinner party at the home of Jeffrey Epstein.  Jeffrey is described as an enigmatic billionaire who is financial adviser to the very, very wealthy, a philanthropist to science, intelligent, private,  and a convicted sex offender.  In July 2009 Jeffrey completed 13 months of an 18 month sentence in Florida for soliciting prostitution from a minor. He may still be under investigation by the FBI for involvement with underage girls.  On December 2, 2010 Jeffrey Epstein’s  dinner guest list included the wealthy, the royal (Prince Andrew), and the famous, but one name on the list concerned me  — Katie Couric. Kate Couric has risen to a pentacle in her profession as a news anchor…..the first woman to anchor the news solo.  What message does her presence  at this dinner party give?

A couple of days later an article, “Rules to Live By” by Katie Couric came out in the USA Weekend. This article was a precursor to her book, The Best Advice I Ever Got.   My concern deepened.  In my mind Katie’s rules to live by didn’t jive with attending a fancy dinner with a convicted sex offender who solicits young girls around the age of her own  younger daughter, Carrie, age 15.  The older daugher, Ellee, is age 19.

Katie Couric was born January 7, 1957 in Arlington, Virginia, (time unknown) which means her Sun energy representing  authority and vitality are in the sign of Capricorn, suggesting  status, dignity and respect are very important to her.  One of her rules to live by is “Don’t let the turkeys get you down”, certainly indicative of the need for inner strength and respect for self.   Her wealthy dinner host doesn’t seem by his actions to understand respect for the feminine, let alone for children.  Why would Katie want to give the appearance of associating with his values at the expense of her own need for respect?

Was another rule to live by, “Let ’em know you’re there” so important that she needed to be in the company of the wealthy, royal, and famous?  Katie’s Mars in Aries is exactly square her Sun in Capricorn.  Did she say “yes” to the invitation just to let others know she could be in this shining circle before thinking about the message she might be conveying, especially to women and girls who have been abused by sex offenders?  Katie mentions that nothing bothers her more than “people who suck up” so I’m hoping that she just acted too quickly in giving her R.S.V.P.

To give her the benefit of doubt, Katie’s Venus is in the sign of Sagittarius so she does try to be fair and just in her assessment of people even to the point of overlooking faults.  She says that one of her values is trying to think twice before judging other people too harshly.  But I can’t let her off the hook too easily because her Venus is in an out-of-sign  trine (the energy flows easily) with Pluto in Virgo. The relationship between these two planetary energies is intense and can suggest that Katie is viewed as someone who can teach others about spiritual, transitional, and moral values.

After the death of her husband, Jay Monahan,  in 1998 from colon cancer, Katie was successfully active in bringing the need for early detection of colon cancer to the public’s attention and also was open about her own grief process.  I would hope that Katie is conscious about the power of her public demeanor and the messages that may be given by her actions.  Come on, Katie, take seriously the status you have attained!

I’m trying to be fair in understanding, astrologically and otherwise, Katie Couric’s  acceptance of Jeffrey Epstein’s invitation to dine.   This is my shtick:  If men and women are going to evolve into more conscious human beings, individually and in relationship, we have to address assumptions about how we treat each other, especially sexually.  Women should not be made to feel that they have no power over their bodies and are still under male dominance OR feel that their only value is in their attractiveness.  Men should not be made to feel that unless they show dominance over women, use women for their own satisfaction, they are not real men.  Men have more value than just sexual prowess. Having mutually satisfying, collaborative, relationships -adult to adult- is powerful.

I believe working out these beliefs in the sexual arena can move us into other areas – professional, family, financial, governmental, spiritual searching, —  of working and collaborating in a more evolved way.  I really do want Katie Couric to understand this possibility.  Think, Katie, think!

May it be so.

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