Competitive Empathy

Before getting into my “Musings” I want to say how excited I am to be launching a refurbished web site with a blog site.  This project was not quick (Mercury retrogrades to be considered), but very thorough.  I had two wonderful women, Colleen Behan, who was excellent at initially asking questions about colors, style, image, symbol and Jean Egan, the technical person who constructed the site and patiently taught me how “to fish”, which means mastering my own web site.  I don’t consider myself an easy person to work with but  Colleen and Jean hung in there with me giving good direction with a patient  professional demeanor. Especially Jean was extremely patient with my questions.  I can’t say enough about how important it is to have Web Site Designer professionals who are willing to get to know the client and the business.  Colleen and Jean were both good listeners.  Thank you both!  I highly recommend them!

Now……what is this musing about competitive empathy all about?

On January 18th, 2011 I read a Yahoo news report about the Australian Tennis Open where Kim Clijsters resoundingly beat Dinara Safina, 6-0 and 6-0 which is referred to as a “double bagel”.  Kim Clijsters after the match apologized to Dinara Safina for beating her so badly.  Clijsters said, “I do feel bad.  I even caught myself at 5-0 in the second set {when} she hit a couple of backhands down the line, I was like “Yeah, that’s it!……But I wouldn’t give her a (sympathy) game.”

For her part, Safina commented, “I didn’t know how to win a point.”

Both tennis players are very competitive.  They both started playing tennis at a young age and were both born into families where athletics are important.   Both women had  sterling tennis careers with many wins notched on the tennis ratchets.

Clijsters had actually retired in 2007.  In that year she married pro basketball player Brian Lynch and they had a baby girl, Jada, in February 2008.  But in 2009 Clijsters returned to the tennis tour.  That was the year that both Safina and her brother, Marat Safin, were both ranked World No. 1 pair.

Kim Clijsters was born June 8 1983 in Bilzen, Belgium, time not noted in the biography.  Her Sun in Gemini is next to Mars in Gemini.  That combination certainly reflects a strong competitive drive.  Competitive power is also  noted in a Pluto next to Saturn in Libra trine (easy flow of energy) that Sun and Mars.   With these four planets in energetic relationship this woman is strong and has determination.  In the tennis world she is considered a power player who likes to play from the baseline which is, of course, what an edgy powerful Gemini would do.

Even with this very powerful competitive streak Clijsters is also described as congenial.  In fact her “sunny nature” was given as a reason for several loses in 2003 and 2004.  It was suggested by L. Jon Wertheim of Sports Illustrated that “her sweet nature exacted a price on her tennis, a sport that all but requires streaks of self-absorption and nastiness.”

Astrologically Clijsters has Venus in Leo trine Jupiter and Uranus together in Sagittarius, a sign of athletes.  Venus in Leo is certainly indicative of a  “sunny nature” which expanded in relationship to Jupiter.  Clijsters seems to exhibit  joy about being a powerful athlete, wife and mother.  This is a woman who has a good sense about who she is.  The chart would suggest that a strong ego was most likely developed right along with her tennis skill.

In Rex E. Bills’ The Rulership Book the word kindness is said to be ruled by the Moon and Venus.  I thought to use that word for this blog, but was persuaded that maybe the word empathy more accurately described what Clijsters exhibited.  I think that empathy too might be described by at least Venus as it involves identifying, taking within (a Venus action), oneself  the sense or feelings of another person.  Certainly Clijster could understand and identify with the difficulties Safina was having that particular day. She, too, in her career had suffered defeat playing the game.

Another signature of possible empathy is that Clijster’s Moon in Taurus is in relationship to Safina’s Sun in Taurus.  Safina was born April 27, 1986 in Moscow, Russia, again time not noted in biography.  A Sun in Taurus is very strong, determined, and enduring.  With her Moon in Taurus Clijster could well feel what it must be like when all the power you put out does not work, does not get the tennis ball over the net competitively.

Maybe in this competitive world of tennis it is hard for sports writers to understand what Clijster’s apology was all about.  Looking at her chart I have no trouble knowing that this woman developed her energies, both the competitive power and the empathetic understanding, well.    Hurray for a human being who can exhibit both!

Oh…and by the way, Clijster defeated Li Na of China to win the Australian Open.

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  1. Very well thought out astrological study of a rare but enviable trait in competitive sports. It is to your credit that it so inspired you to look more deeply into each of the women’s chart. Clearly, kindness is one of our personal traits as well. (P.S. I LOVE your new site.)

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